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January 12, 2014:
In the wake of the Target breach many people have become more aware of security for their credit cards. Read about unwanted RFID Scanning. Local news sites run stories about how credit card numbers can be picked up by scanning equipment.

A credit card sleeve known as the Secure Sleeve (TM) is set to be shown on the Pitchmen TV show on the Discovery Channel!


NFC Cards

Sadly, people will protect their card with a tinfoil hat, but will give it to every waiter they see! New NFC card readers and EMV cards may transmit information back and forth, but good encryption should stop card numbers from being visible. Should.

RFID Reader Protection

RF Blocking Credit and Debit Card Sleeves

Credit Card SleeveCredit Card Sleeves may sound like a paranoid way of protecting your identity, but you need to consider what you're up against. If you have a credit or debit card that just has to touch a reader, then you have an RFID tag embedded in your credit card. In a manner of speaking, an RFID tag is a tiny radio that sends your information when it gets within the proximity of a reader. A person walking down the street with a smart device may be able to collect signals from hundreds of such credit cards in a matter of minutes. Therefore, a credit card sleeve serves as "tinfoil hat" technology to keep the signal from getting out, except when you are ready to make a purchase. Smart cards and NFC chips (which not only go into cards but cellphones as well will require an additional degree of protection against thieves as credit card and identity theft goes high tech.

In the wake of several public credit card breaches in late 2013 and early 2014, consumers are becoming more aware of how they safeguard their card data. While much of the focus is on chip-and-pin cards, some retailers promise to add capabilities for contactless card authentication, and this means that more of these card types could be prominent in the short term.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Credit card sleeves only work when the card is in the sleeve. If someone has hidden a scanner around the area where you might use the card, this means that you are likely to get your card scanned! If you are looking to get a RFID or Contactless Reader, then there are sites that can help you accept this new payment method securely.